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Happy Valentines! My favourite bridal looks for the 2015 season of love! (pic heavy!)

As the wedding and engagement season slowly starts to dawn on us, I thought I would put together I quick post on the looks I am loving the most for 2015. From the fashionista bride, to the nature lover, from an alternative to traditional Asian bridal makeup right through to easy destination wedding looks that you can create yourself with a few handy tips from your favourite YouTube gurus (my personal favourite is Pixiwoo's channel).

So scroll through and let inspiration strike you! I am taking your little perfectly concealed noses out of the bridal magazines and hand picking the most up to date make-up looks from the catwalk, editorials and the red carpet.

 Happy Valentines Day and Congratulations!

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Simple Elegance

This is perfect for a bride who wants a no fuss, natural wedding makeup that will not only look great on her photo's but also stay classy until the end of time.

One of my own images shot by Bruce Smith

The Fashionista Bride

Take a leaf from the makeup on the red carpet at your wedding and be right on trend with this beautiful pop of colour on the lips. This is a simple way of making you stand out for all the right reasons. From bold orange as seen on Reese to a bright pinky coral like Solange. Glamorous makeup but still young and fresh.

The Natural Beauty

This is for beautiful brides who want a no fuss, uncomplicated wedding make up. Bare skin that allows your own radiance and beauty so shine through. Great for beach weddings when you only need a slick of lipbalm and sunscreen.

The Vintage Vixen

Perfect for all of you vintage loving future brides but also a great alternative for Asian brides if you aren't feeling the more traditional colourful bridal makeups. Why not take some inspiration from Priyanka Chopra and Janelle Monae and go for a vintage inspired look on your wedding day? This timeless red lip can easily be paired up with stronger eyes later on in the evening too.

The Alternative Angel

If you cant think of anything worse than wearing natural or conventional bridal makeup or being bare faced on your big day, then this look is for you. Dark eyes and bold lips make a dramatic statement. This is a makeup that will ensure all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle on your big day.  Team with false lashes for an extra glamorous look.

The Later in Life Lovely

Its becoming more and more common for women to wait to marry until later in our lives now as we prioritise our careers and lifestyle's over weddings and families. These makeup looks are timeless, classic and best of all simple. Perfect bridal makeup for a more mature bride.

50's (Yes both Julianne Moore and Angela Bassett are in their 50's!)

Tyra Banks and Julia Roberts.

What is your personal favourite look? What are you planning for your big day and who is your artist? Comment below and feel free to ask questions!

Why I Have Been Missing in Action! #INSPO Magazine

I've had a few messages and emails this week about people wanting me to post more so firstly I apologise and secondly I am going to let you in on what I have been doing with all of my time!

I have not only been setting up a model agency, La Moda Models but I have also been working as a beauty editor/event coordinator/general everything on a new magazine that will launch in the north west in September. 

It's called #INSPO Magazine and I don't think I have ever been more proud of something in my life!

I have been working on it with my friend (and editor in chief!) Jurga Skeiryte.

We need some help to make sure we can print enough copies so have a look at the video in our crowd funding campaign and give as little as £1 to help us!

This is going to be such a great platform for the creatives in the north west who currently dont have anywhere to shine! Especially in Liverpool which is dominated by tacky events such as "Liverpool Fashion Week" and the likes.

Here are a few sneaky behind the scenes images so you can see the quality of the content we have been producing! Shhhh dont tell anyone.

 These two shots are from a feature Kerryn Grady (see her work here) is writing on the incredibly talented fashion graduates in Manchester! Featuring Rio from my agency!

 The next lot of beautiful images are from the main beauty editorial shot by Bruce Smith. They focus on four different autumn/winter makeup trends told around an old fashioned love story. The models are Abigail from La Moda and Christopher from Impact. Keep an eye out for the magazine launch to see some beautiful body painting by Kelly Ann Garrigan who owns the awesome Pin Up Parlour.

This story features local designers and high street to show how modern office wear doesnt have to be "girly" or boring! Shot by Amy Faith in the gorgeous Palm Sugar cocktail bar, which will also be the backdrop to our launch party! Jess is from La Moda models and that beautiful hair was created by Nathan at Vidal Sassoon.

All makeup by yours truly!

If you care about REAL fashion professionals and are sick and tired of Liverpool being made out to be a joke please donate and share! If you want a free, quality magazine then donate! If you want to see the true potential of Liverpool and the north west shine then donate! This will also make my dream come true and eventually provide regular work for freelancers across the north west.

And if you think "fashion" doesn't apply to you then have a little listen to this:

More on Rates and Charging for your Skills...

Carrying on from my post on rates and knowing our worth my friend and wonderful fellow artist based in New York City, Victor Amos wrote the following post on his facebook page the other day and I had to share it. It illustrates exactly the kind of community spirit that needs to exist between artists and why it is so vitally important that we are all on the same page, connected and ready to challenge people that do not want to pay us what we are worth. You can see Victors beautiful work at and read his very lovely blog by clicking here.

"Session Artists: I'm going to let you all in on a secret, of how to get your money... You ready? Here goes: MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR COMPETITORS. Yep. I know it sounds crazy, but the only way you will earn the money you deserve is to stop trying to COMPETE with the people you should be COOPERATING with. Believe it or not, other hair stylists, makeup artists, nail techs, etc... are your friend. You have no reason to hold any ill feelings against them. In fact, OTHER ARTISTS DECIDE YOUR SALARY! Let me explain to you how this works... you need to befriend as many people, that do what trade you do, as possible, and work together. If producer A calls makeup artist A and asks them for their rate, and makeup artist A says, "$1000", and the producer says, "I can only pay you $600," then you need to tell them, "Can you give me time to check my calendar, and call you right back?" This is your time to think of a list of other makeup artists who are also qualified for the job, and let them know that you have quoted producer A a figure of $1000, and that you will be referring the job to them. Call back producer A and tell him that you are available, but cannot accept the rate, but will be kind enough to give him a few referrals to other artists who may be able to work with him. Do not negotiate. As producer A calls other artists, and he finds the solidarity, eventually, he will have to pay SOMEONE the rate. This is how you keep money in the industry. As long as there is someone out there willing to accept less, you will never be able to ask for what you deserve. This is what agencies do for their artists, and there is no reason that we, as freelancers, cannot stick together and do the same thing. I encourage you to repost this, no matter what your freelance trade, and make an effort to stop working AGAINST your fellow artists, and yet, work together to ensure the prosperity and longevity of our trade as a career, and not a hobby ♥ -Victor"

For more words of wisdom and an insight into the makeup world in NYC go to his facebook page and click "like"...Victor Amos Facebook